Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research (HKIMR), The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST)

The HKIMR/HKUST Joint Conference on Macroeconomics and International Finance

Day 1: Harbour Room, 56/F, Two International Finance Centre, Central

Day 2: Room 6602, 6th Floor, Annex, Academic Building, HKUST (Lifts 31-32)

02 July 2013 (Tuesday) - 03 July 2013 (Wednesday)


Day 1 Morning Session at HKIMR
9:20- 9:50 Welcome Reception

9:50-10:00 Opening Remarks by He Dong (HKIMR)

Moderator: Larry Qiu (HKU)
10:00-10:50 “The Great Recession: A Self-Fulfilling Global Panic”
Philippe Bacchetta (HEC-Lausanne)

Discussant: Tao Zhu (HKUST)

10:50-11:40 “A bargaining theory of trade invoicing and prices”
Cedric Tille (HEID-Geneva)

Discussant: Tommy Wu (HKMA)

11:40-12:10 Coffee Break

12:10-13:00 “Services and the Dynamics of Female Labor Supply”
Joseph Kaboski (University of Notre Dame)

Discussant: Yong Wang (HKUST)

13:00-14:30 Lunch (By Invitation)

Day 1 Afternoon Session at HKIMR
Moderator: Jianjun Miao (Boston University)
14:30-15:20 “A Microfounded Model of Chinese Capital Account Liberalization”
Paul Luk (HKIMR)

Discussant: Huanhuan Zheng (CUHK)

15:20-15:50 Coffee Break

15:50-16:40 “Lemons with Naïveté”
Hui Tong (IMF)

Discussant: Paul Luk (HKIMR)

16:40-17:30 “Housing Bubbles and the U.S. Macroeconomy”
Pengfei Wang (HKUST)

Discussant: Shenghao Zhu (NUS)

18:00 Dinner (By Invitation)

Day 2 Morning Session at HKUST
8:00 Breakfast at Bistro

8:50-9:00 Opening Remark by Francis Lui (HKUST)

Moderator: Jenny Xu (HKUST)
9:00-9:50 "Risky Investment with Limited Enforcement"
Vincenzo Quadrin (University of Southern California)

Discussant: Danyang Xie (HKUST)

9:50-10:00 Coffee Break
10:00-10:50 “The Euro Area Crisis: Need for a Supranational Fiscal Risk Sharing Mechanism?”
Davide Furceri (IMF)

Discussant: Lifang Xu (HKUST)

10:50-11:40 “A Bayesian DSGE Model of Stock Market Bubbles and Business Cycles”
Jianjun Miao (Boston University)

Discussant: Gewei Wang (CUHK)

11:40-14:00 Lunch (By Invitation)

Day 2 Afternoon Session at HKUST
Moderator: Danyang Xie (HKUST)
14:00-14:50 “Making Sense of China’s Economic Policy”
Jim Riedel (Johns Hopkins University)

Discussant: Pengfei Wang (HKUST)

14:50-15:40 “Eurosclerosis and International Business Cycles”
Jenny Xu (HKUST)

Discussant: Attilio Zanetti (SNB)

15:40-16:00 Coffee Break
16:00-16:50 “Capital Controls and Currency Wars”
Anton Korinek (Johns Hopkins University and IMF)

Discussant: Zhiwei Xu (HKUST)

16:50-17:40 “Asset Allocation and Monetary Policy”
Harald Hau (University of Geneva)

Discussant: Yi Huang (HEID-Geneva)

18:30 Depart for Dinner from HKUST (By Invitation)

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